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Web Analytics & Reporting

Web analytics and measurement are fundamental in maintaining successful website operations. With Local Search Appeal, you can follow your website's progress through our tracking and analysis services. By monitoring your website's performance, we help make the decisions about your web marketing strategies, A/B Testing, web content, and web design as easy as possible. We can provide you with access to your online reports in order to compare monthly, quarterly, and annual traffic fluctuations. We can help you discover who your website visitors are and how they got to your website. We can even tell you what they were searching for. Through our services, we can help you optimize your website's performance and find the best path to more business.

Google Analytics
We found that Google Analytics is the most effective tool for our clients for a number of reasons. Its breadth of measurements makes it nearly all-encompassing for tracking needs. The performance is almost unparalleled compared to other Analytics programs. There is a reason why Google Analytics is one of the most dominant, pioneering leaders of the web analytics marketplace. You will simply be amazed at how marketing over the internet can be completely measured in real time. It's a tool that will help you understand your customer's habits, and knowing your consumer is paramount for generating business. There is no doubt that the data we will be able to show you through Google Analytics will help improve your sales & profitability.

Virtual Tracking Telephone Numbers
The biggest issue with generating more web leads than phone leads is that unless your website is staffed with online chat representatives, you never get the seamless transition between website visits and telephone conversation. Your client either has to call you, or you have to wait for them to leave their information before you can follow up. In fact, the conversion rates of contact inside 60 seconds of a web lead generation versus outside 60 seconds is staggering. Catching your customers while they're still sitting in front of the computer will open up a whole new business dynamic for you.

We can provide you with virtual tracking telephone numbers so your business can compete amongst the highest percentile. Virtual telephone numbers forward the site visitor to your regular business lines, and we can even track call usage for you.

Quality Assurance
Keeping records is an essential part of any business. While it's easy to save an email, an entire phone recording system is outside of the price range of the majority of startup companies. Having a recorded call can literally save your business against inaccurate or misrepresented allegations.

Through Virtual Tracking Telephone Numbers, we can record your phone call for quality assurance purposes. Consider call recordings an opportunity to better train your operators in improving their closing rates. There also seems to be a natural tendency to do better once it's known that calls between your customer representatives and clients are being recorded. Many customers have commented on how valuable it is to not only catch problems, but to reward & emphasize great customer interaction.

We provide you with custom measurement reports on your traffic sources, and essentially opportunities for business calibration. We provide you with everything you need to know about your website's keywords, page visits, and the average time your customers spend on your site. Make your business a threat to your competitor and a blessing to your customer.

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