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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign management is vital to your organization's online success. We work closely with high-traffic search engine sources in order to provide you the current best practices for Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft's bing Ads, and more.

Keyword Research & Analysis
Working with keywords can be difficult. Many of the most obvious keywords that come to mind are already inundated by competing websites. We can help you discover which keywords are searched most frequently, and we can also provide you analysis for which keywords generate the most profit.

Extensive AdGroups & Keywords
Generating web traffic is the key to a successful online strategy. Target every possible keyword prospective customers are using. We can provide you the tools so a campaign saturates results for the right service coverage area(s). We have PPC campaigns with thousands of keywords and hundreds of AdGroups to ensure you are being found on all your relevant keywords.

Creative Ad Copy
Defining the structure for optimizing your website's search engine results can leave content feeling dry or redundant. Creative ad copy will spruce up web pages, and provide your website with a subtle, organic tone. This aesthetic is a nice solution to a more important goal: well-crafted ads attract a higher percentage of clicks, which increases the number of generated leads.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is simply the best way to quantify the success rate of online advertisements, email campaigns, and pop-ups. It's defined as number of impressions divided number of clicks. CTR is one of the key performance indicators that determines how much you ultimately pay and influences what ranking position you find yourself in. We have various techniques to maximize your CTR to be better than your competition which means you pay less per click on average.

A/B Ad Testing
By always running two competing ads, we can test new and relevant copy ideas. Through this market testing, we identify the more successful ad and what demographic they attract. A/B ad testing is simply the best way to improve Click-Through-Rate (CTR) over time.

Bid Management
The ability to find the perfect bid price maximizing your return is critical. Much of the success in PPC management is about knowing how much to bid on certain keywords. We can help discover what keywords are really worth bidding on to adjust bid prices for maximum profitability. By leveraging our industry knowledge and experience, we are able to determine the most appropriate bid pricing.

We have the tools & experience to create PPC campaigns, maximizing a website's reach and profitability. Get fully customized Google, Yahoo!, & Bing PPC campaigns. Start generating quality business leads with Local Search Appeal now.