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"We have used several different internet SEO companies in the past ten years or so and never have I fell in love with a provider as I have with Pete Kumler (and Ben) at Local Search Appeal! They really know what we are looking for and how to best represent us on the web. Other providers we have used were not always specialized in carpet cleaning/restoration like Pete is and you could tell by where their vision was going and how we were not getting the results we wanted - even though we had a beautiful website - it wasn't driving traffic. Another thing we love about Pete is that he and his team are accessible. When I email or call I always get a response back quickly - no waiting for days to get changes made or updates to specials etc. I can email about a two day special I want to run and it's up and running and taken down when it's over - without me having to follow up!

Pete is so awesome - as we were looking to expand to Oklahoma City - I made sure he was available to us in that marketplace BEFORE making the decision to purchase our new franchises! In that market, he had our website up and running before we were even ready to start doing work! Gotta love when you get calls in and jobs scheduled day one of your new purchase! We look forward to seeing how he is going to help us own the market in OKC!

Another thing I love about Pete is his integrity! If he can't do something he will let you know up front! He won't make promises he can't keep ---how many marketing professionals can you say that about? He is a man of his word and puts his money where his mouth is!

I would highly recommend Pete and his team to help grow your presence in the internet world without hesitation! Internet marketing was our number 2 producer last year, right next to our in house database mailers! So if you want to ROCK your 2013 - give Pete and his team a call and get it started right now!"

Erika & Randy Herman
Cornerstone Chem-Dry, Dallas TX
Chem-Dry of Oklahoma
, Oklahoma City OK

"I have a history with Local Search Appeal. They consistently keep me at the top of my organic listings, professionally manage my pay per click campaign, administer my Constant Contact and keep my web-site fresh and relevant. All that while offering responsive, interactive and customer oriented service. I recommend them with confidence."

Glenn Buckland, Owner
Chem-Dry of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM
Nhance Wood Renewal, Albuquerque NM
New Mexico Restoration , Albuquerque NM

"Understanding the electronic/Internet world was very scary to me. I knew it was something that we needed to do however, not understanding how it worked or how the money was put to use stood in my way. Finding Pete Kumler was a God send. Not only does he understand the world of Internet marketing works he has helped us to get a better grasp on works as well. I feel that we have a partner in Pete. He helps me to understand the things that I can be doing to enhance our Internet marketing as well as understand what he is doing in terms that I can understand. Pete handles the Internet marketing for all three of my companies and is always looking out for us and our success. When he sees something that isn't right he is quick to investigate it and point out any unscrupulous activities. As a result of Pete and Local Search appeals hard work, Internet Marketing is one of our leading sources and our look and information is always fresh."

Kati Buckland, Owner
Chem-Dry of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM
Nhance Wood Renewal, Albuquerque NM
New Mexico Restoration , Albuquerque NM

"I live in a very rural area with a very small population. When I first spoke to Pete I explained my situation and why I was concerned about paying a monthly fee due to such a small population in my area. (about 50,000).

We agreed to start on a services rendered basis. Pete was very accessible to me, he was very patient with me and very generous with his time. Within about two months he had me ranking in the very top slots for carpet cleaning in my area, in organic searches. I have been there ever since, 3-4 years?

After about six months, I wanted web site hosting and customization among other things, Pete offered me full services for what I considered a very reasonable price. In over three years of dealing with Pete he has always been straight with me and done a good job for me. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss further.

Bob Sternberger
Navapache Chem-Dry, Show Low AZ

"The fact of the matter is that we have had a great experience working with your company. The customer service you provide is excellent. For people like Caroline and myself who aren't very knowledgable with internet marketing, it's refresing to be able to ask our "stupid" questions and have someone like you be patient with us and give us answers that we can actually understand and feel comfortable with. I always know that if I leave you a message, you will get back to me and spend whatever time I may need."

"As far as the results go, our internet marketing with Local Search Appeal has continued to grow and strengthen our presence in our franchise territory. Internet revenue is now second place only to our long time number one spot which has always been held by a local, but very well put together coupon type magazine. This magazine has a very strong reputation in our community and will be hard to beat, however with the way things continue to climb with our internet marketing I'm sure that it will eventually take over the number one position."

"As you know it took a long time for Caroline and I to get on board with internet marketing, but you have made the transition very smooth and we feel good with the resuts. Thank you so much for all your help and professionalism. We have and will continue to recommend Local Search Appeal to anyone we talk to that is just trying to get started or who wants to improve there internet maketing."

"Thank you so much Pete and your entire team for all that you've done for us."

Doug & Caroline DeSario
Pacific Breeze Chem-Dry, Ventura CA

"Pete, thank you for the positive impact you have made on my business!"

"After the banking system crash in 2008, our business income dropped substantially. In an effort to increase our gross revenue, we entrusted our Internet Marketing to several different individuals . each of which produced equally disastrous results. Large sums of money were spent on this endeavor and significant levels of frustration were experienced. Promises made were just that . promises. I remember one individual in particular who essentially took our retainer and DISAPPEARED. It later came to light that we were not alone in our search to locate him, the authorities were pursuing him as well."

"I consider you to be an extremely valuable resource! We are extremely happy with our current Internet Marketing program. You have successfully implemented a strategy that works! I am impressed with your integrity, your availability, and definitely with the results of your endeavors. I personally credit your efforts with the increase in our gross sales from 2008 to present."

"You can be sure that whenever the subject of Internet Marketing is brought up, Local Search Appeal and the success we have experienced comes to my mind. I have recommended you to others, all of whom report impressive success stories as well.Keep up the good work Pete!"

Tom Walsh
Walsh's Chem-Dry, San Jose CA

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my internet marketing. I really appreciate how easy you are to work with and never nickel and dime me to death with fees. You are the third internet marketing company I've had handle my advertising and I will never go anywhere else. You have my franchise always ranked in the top 1-3 plus I'm always on the first page in the organic ads. The other companies were only interested in my money and not really interested in helping me. So once again thanks for all you do."

Rich Czaplinski
North Ohio Chem-Dry, Cleveland OH

"I would absolutely recommend Pete Kumler with Local Search Appeal for your PPC campaign. I had been doing all our SEO work over the last several years and we were getting a lot of work from the internet so when we decided to take our advertising dollars out of the phonebook, I knew it had to go into the internet. We shopped around locally and at convention and with other Chem-Dry's and over and over Pete's name was mentioned. After speaking to Pete and hearing his 3 to 1 guarantee, we knew he was the guy! We have been so happy with that decision. He and his team have been great to work with. They in regular communication with us, answers any questions I have right away, makes any changes we both see immediately and has continued to get us at least a 3 to 1 on our Chem-Dry PPC campaign. I also love the feature of being able to listen to the calls and rate them on a 1 to 10."

Kristin Acker
Chem-Dry of Wichita, Wichita KS

"We recommend Local Search Appeal because they are reliable and to do what they say they will do at an affordable price. ROI's have been great overall and for the year of 2012 it was better than a 3-to-1. They take care of every aspect of both our website and AdWords for Google leaving us time to do what we do best. One of the best features is the willingness to answer any questions & quickly fulfill any change requests within the same day."

Kathy Davis
Accolade Chem-Dry, Tampa Florida

"McHugh's Chem-Dry Carpet cleaning has been using Local Search Appeal since the spring of 2010. His team is very friendly and professional. Questions are always responded to on the same day. Our internet bookings have increased and generate a high quality client. He makes internet marketing easy to understand and explains options in detail. His company is one of the most valuable marketing assets we have in increasing our revenue. His pricing is fair and he is one vendor I trust 100%."

Mike McHugh
McHugh's Chem-Dry, York PA

"I have been working with Pete Kumler on various web-based marketing projects for the past 3-4 years or so. I have always found him to be a very competent internet marketing consultant. Pete has great experience in this field of expertise, staying abreast of current conditions in this dynamic market. He is very fair with the fees he charges and gives excellent customer service, responding promptly and excellently to exceed our expectations in the web based marketing he has managed for us over the years.

I would wholeheartedly recommend his services to other franchisees who are looking to expand their operations and create positive cash flow in the internet marketing piece of their business strategy. I am thankful for Pete's efforts and attention to our needs over the years."

Kraig Baade
Chem-Dry of Colorado
Flood America, Denver CO
Colorado PowerVac

"I recommend Local Search Appeal because it requires talent and time to maintain a current web presence and while many owner/operators may have the knowledge to do so, my experience has been that there is never enough time. Initially, I was resistant to relinquishing control of my internet marketing and in trusting that someone else can get better results. However, I was pleased to find that my web generated calls have increased significantly and I'm now #5 organically and B in Google Maps for my #1 keyword search term: "carpet cleaning rockville". I also like that my internet footprint stays current and relevant to customer searches without me fumbling through it every day or every week. Best thing is I have more time to focus on other areas of my business and this is a big one since no one has figured a way to slow down the rotation of the earth."

Joseph Hannickel
JD's Chem-Dry, Rockville MD

"I just wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work you and your staff have provided for our business. We unfortunately have tried several different internet marketing companies to find that they could not produce what they had offered us. We have spent many thousands of dollars to market on the internet with "the other guys". Your company, Local Search Appeal, has gone above and beyond our expectations. We have seen a big improvement in our online presents and dollar for dollar, our internet advertising pays better than anything else we have tried in recent years. "

"After working with several of these other companies we will never recommend anyone but yourselves at Local Search Appeal. Congratulations on earning our business and we look forward to our mutual success down the road."

Sean Walsh
Walsh's Chem-Dry, Marin & Sonoma CA

"Local Search Appeal has been great to work with and I recommend their services. We are one of their first clients and have been using their service for several years. Pete understands our industry and has obtained valuable experience while working with many Chem-Dry franchise owners. Pete and Ben are responsive, helpful and friendly."

Paul Johnston
Certified Chem-Dry, Salt Lake City UT

"Local Search Appeal has been AMAZING in our online placement. We are always at the top of the web page for our search criteria. If we ever have a question or issue Pete & the Local Search Appeal team are on top of it, questions are answered quickly and thoroughly issues are handled immediately. I would highly recommend Local Search Appeal for your Internet marketing needs!!"

Matthew Stump
Premier Chem-Dry, Sacramento CA

"When it came time to hire an Internet Marketing company for our internet program, we didn't know who to turn to. We asked for a referral from our friend, Glen Buckland, and Pete Kumler was the first name that came up.

From the first phone call, I knew that Pete and his company, Local Search Appeal, had exactly what we were looking for. Pete's extensive experience with the Internet and how it works is unmatched by any other Internet Marketing Company that we have ever used or that we spoke with. He has years and years of knowledge on how to get our company positioned for maximum exposure at a budget that we can afford.

Pete is so great to work with. No question is a stupid question and he really wants his clients to understand why something is working (or not working) and that's an added benefit that we weren't finding with others. He doesn't "talk over your head" or use technical talk. He just wants your business to succeed. Pete is very well versed in the Chem-Dry process and understands the key points that we are all trying to get across to potential customers. You won't have to spend your time educating him about our process and what makes us so great. He already knows and that makes him uniquely qualified when searching for Internet Marketing Providers. He is also aware of all of the Advertising Guidelines that we have to follow.

Pete doesn't try and "sell" all kinds of bells and whistles that we don't need. He understands that we're trying to turn visitors to our website into callers. He doesn't complicate the process with layers of fees or unnecessary programs. He knows exactly what we're trying to accomplish and he delivers on his word. We are so happy with the services we have received. We recommend Pete and Local Search Appeal without ANY hesitation."

Teresa Fennimore, Owner
Beachside Chem-Dry, Jacksonville FL

"Having used many other Search Marketers in the past, I can say with confidence that Local Search Appeal provides the best level of service & support hands down. I'm especially impressed with the level of personalization and continual improvements I have received, even after being with them for a year. The ability to speak with the person who actually developed and monitors our program, not a company employee, allows us to get exactly what we want. It is obvious that Pete wants you to succeed as it in turn allows him to succeed; this creates a win win situation.

We're now getting about 3 or 4 internet leads per day and I expect that will continue to increase over time. Other than post cards to repeat customers, the ROI we are getting exceeds all other forms of advertising we are using. I highly recommend any business looking to generate leads over the Internet to call Local Search Appeal immediately before someone else gets your territory with them."

Simon Walsh CEO
Cleanmasters Chem-Dry, Gardena CA

Local Search Appeal definitely knows search marketing and has helped us tremendously with our Paid & Organic search results. Their response time on my requests typically happen in a day and I'm always able to get someone on the phone to address any questions or concerns. Highly recommended!"

Dan Quinlan
Chem-Dry Express, Princeton New Jersey

"Internet advertising has become a primary source for new clients far exceeding the phone books of years past, or in our case any other new client acquisition program. Several of the properties in the resort areas I serve are second or third homes, with the owners out of state. Internet searches are critical for our obtaining these clients. The biggest challenges are understanding the complexities of Google and keeping up with the day to day activities required to stay high on the Google searches. Pete has set up several websites for each of the areas so that we have a local feel. Local Search Appeal also keeps up with the daily intricacies of managing the keywords, Google ad words and all of those efforts that we just do not have time for in house.

In one of our other markets, a more typical large populated city, where there are hundreds of carpet cleaners bidding for Internet attention, Pete has set up a tracking system, recording each call, so we can carefully track what is working and what is not. Personally, Pete is always available, professional and a pleasure to work with."

Kerry Rogers
Mountain High Chem-Dry, Vail & Aspen CO
City Wide Chem-Dry, Denver CO

"I would highly recommend Pete Kumler with Local Search Appeal. Pete and his company do beyond the average internet marketing company. We have tried many online vendors and have never been happy with anyone until we found Local Search Appeal at the national Chem-Dry Convention. Other companies did not provide detailed monthly reports, an online call tracking dash board, or stay on top of the always changing Google algorithm. These guys really know what there doing. Other online vendors spent my money on campaigns that didn't perform as promised. Unfortunately, before Local Search Appeal I would be forking out money with low returns. Now, were always at the top listings on the first page and dominate most cities we target. Being in southern California, a very saturated market, Pete has still delivered results for us. He constantly is updating and optimizing our web-site to get us the best web page ranking at the least cost per click. Our click thru rate is always improving in our benefit and it seems to get better every month. Thank you for your great work."

Justine Jensen
Integrity Chem-Dry II, Palm Springs CA

"I would recommend Pete Kumler and Local Search Appeal to any company that is considering website advertizing. It doesn't matter if you're huge or mom and pop oriented; They can customize a plan to fit any budget! Your investment with them will be worthwhile."

Kevin Hutchens
Dave's Chem-Dry, Roanoke VA

"We have been working with Pete for over three years now. Pete consistently has us ranked high on the 1st page of Google for the most popular search terms. Any issue that does arise it taken care of very quickly. Overall we are very satisfied with the direction he has taken us with our internet marketing. And have and will continue to recommend Pete and his team going forward.

Greg Taylor, Owner
Bluegrass Chem-Dry, Lexington KY

"I have been working with Local Search Appeal since 2010 It's been a great company to work with. All I had to do is to tell Pete what specials I wanted to run and services we provided and He did the rest; Pete had a lot of great suggestions. If something needed to be changed I would simply call Pete and he would change it. I told Pete that I wanted to be on the first page of certain towns and I was and still am. My R.O.I is over 3:1 and improving every year. THANKS Local Search Appeal.

Jeff Keef
Jeff's Chem-Dry, Illinois