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Website Design & Development

Whether it's creating a new website or redesigning an old one, we have experts available to handle any of your web development and design needs. Impressive web design and creative content turns website visitors into prospective leads. We train our staff to optimize your website's design to incorporate tools that can deliver website leads straight into the hands of your customer service and call center representatives. Here are some of the many things we can evaluate and enhance about your website's development and design:

We establish a particular focus & strategy behind every website we create. A simple session of site planning and strategic goal setting can separate amateur websites from the elite websites in your industry. We understand better than anyone the diversity of the online landscape, and we know exactly what it takes to make your website thrive amidst thousands of other competing domains. How much does decent content cost you? More importantly, how much business are you getting in exchange for the content you paid for?

Our representatives at Local Search Appeal will help you analyze whether or not the return on investment is worth the price of the content. When circumstances require stellar content, we can also help you develop the most persuasive web-copy possible, which allows you to maximize lead conversion rate. Our goal is to make sure that your website's content serves the dual purpose of accentuating your website and successfully converting business.

A website's design is very much the face of the website. The majority of websites have plain, forgettable faces. They offer little more variety than the thousands of other cookie cutter websites. Like faces, there are two kinds of websites people remember: the hideously appalling and the strikingly beautiful. It's why web design is possibly the most important aspect of harnessing a successful online business model.

We can integrate your company's logo or picture into a site in unique and original ways. We can cleverly lace each page with attractive graphics, images, and layout to create the kind of appealing website you want for potential site visitors. The web design is not just about what's on it, but where it can be accessed. Google is a prime example. There are people that go to the Google website once a day simply to look at the logo, which changes daily. Meanwhile, it's simply a blank page with the search bar dead center. It's a subtle, underlying statement that says "The Google search bar is all you need." The most successful websites have a well-thought balance of usability and easy navigation that warms visitors into staying around for longer than just a mistaken click.

Properly developing a website is crucial to driving site traffic. We take web development to a new level with a number of applied talents. We provide coding that is 100% search engine friendly, W3C validated, Google Webmaster Tools certified and verified to work on older browsers (IE 5.0 & 6.0, FF 2.0), Apple OS Safari, Google Chrome & iPhone/PDAs. We handle your web development needs so you can focus on the wave of new customers.

At Local Search Appeal, we also handle all aspects of website operations. We want to ensure your time is spent on business operations. We provide web hosting so you don't have to deal with annual registrations. We help seek out available domain names, and we can even check in to see when and if your preferred domain name becomes available. We can set up administrative email accounts for you and your employees. If your business offers online purchases, we can provide well-placed shopping cart access on your website. We can also handle the daunting process of administering the username and password access for your website operations. There are dozens of website operational services that we provide, and we encourage you to ask a Local Search Appeal representative if you have any additional needs. We continually monitor for optimal website performance, and we will be happy to make any text or copy changes to any website with a turnaround of 1-3 business days.

We provide you with a website that generates quality business leads so you can focus your time on converting business.

Contact us now to speak with a Local Search Appeal representative. We can help guide you to your fast, reliable, and effective website without stressing about the technical hurtles along the way.